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St. John Ambulance and AEDMAP have partnered to develop and deliver a comprehensive public AED and first responder registry app to Canadians. AED Mapping will provide a public AED registry that utilizes google maps to display AED’s in the vicinity of the emergency. Volunteer First Aid Responders will provide Emergency Services with a volunteer First Aid Responders network to assist in an emergency.

Features include:

• AED Mapping
• Add new AED
• Defibrillators FAQ
• CPR tutorial (Chest compression & AED use)
• First Aid responder enrollment
• Worldwide emergency number automatic detection
• Emergency mode with CPR help
• Available in English & French
• Information about taking first aid classes
• Information about purchasing AED’s and supplies
• Available on Google Play and Apple Store
• Free to the general public

In Canada someone experiences a cardiac arrest every thirteen minutes. Early recognition, CPR and use of an AED can increase the odds of survival by 75 per cent or more. The Save A Life app from St. John Ambulance-Alberta Council is supported by the AEDMAP database, wherein Canadian organizations with an AED can register their device. In the event of an emergency, general public or Emergency Services can utilize the application to locate the nearest AED, saving precious seconds.

In addition, Save A Life will allow persons trained in CPR to register themselves as first responders so that in the event of an emergency they can be notified via SMS, asking if they can provide first aid. Now critical time searching for assistance can be significantly reduced, which will ultimately help improve the outcomes of Canadians who are experiencing a cardiac emergency.

Save A Life’s core focus is centered on improving the odds of survival of those in an emergency by locating the closest AED and/or calling for first responders. Save A Life will be launched in fall of 2016 along with the new 2016 Canadian Guidelines on First Aid and CPR.

St. John is very excited to bring this important, progressive technology to the Canadian public and further our mission to help Save A Life

Rick Stewart CMA CPA, VP Finance & Corporate Services St. John Ambulance Alberta Council




Defibrillators + GEO Location + Public Awareness = Saving Lives

St. John Ambulance and AEDMAP are providing a coordinated approach to Saving Lives.

AED registry is populated in two ways:

Company self registration of their own AED’s
• These are considered “monitored” AED’s
• On the map as “Confirmed” AED’s
• Monitored AED’s will receive a monthly email

Crowd sourced by allowing the public to report the location of defibrillators
These are considered “mapped only” AED’s
• On the map as “Unconfirmed” AED’s
• App users are encouraged to send feedback about AED’s through the app and SJA will update the database accordingly
• SJA will endeavor to have these AED’s registered and monitored


Volunteer First Aid Responder Registry

• Crowd sourced by allowing the public to self-register
• VFAR will download the application and register through their mobile phone
• VFAR applicants will provide personal information and proof of qualifications
• SJA will validate the applicants qualifications prior to activating the VFAR
• Upon certificate expiry the VFAR becomes unavailable for deployment and is encouraged to re-certify


Other features

•CPR lessons including video
•First Aid lessons including video
•FAQ’s about First Aid and CPR
•Current news and events

Future Development

•The ability to send an SMS to the registered AED monitor and have them deliver the device to the scene.
•Notification to Virtual First Aid Responder’s when their certificates are expiring.


About St. John Ambulance

Since 1883 St. John Ambulance has provided Canadians with the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art First Aid and CPR training. With programs for business, individuals and communities St. John Ambulance first aid and CPR courses provide life-saving skills and support to communities across Canada.


AEDMAP is a French company with offices in Paris, Toronto and Dubai. Founded by emergency physician Paul Dardel in 2012, AEDMAP specializes in AED mapping and monitoring solutions. Staying Alive, the company’s free mapping app is to date available in eighteen languages, has been downloaded over a million times, and currently lists 80,000 AED’s worldwide. AEDMAP has deployed versions of their critically important app with EMS providers in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland and the UAE; St. John Ambulance is pleased to bring the release to Canada.

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