125th Anniversary Commemorative Medallion for the Establishment of
St. John Ambulance in Alberta.

In 1897 St John Ambulance was established in Edmonton and Calgary when the Mayor of the Town of Edmonton, John A. McDougall, supported the training of nurses in St John first aid. The nurses then formed St John Nursing Units in support of community health care needs and trained the public in by-stander first aid. To celebrate, a Commemorative Medallion has been designed by the Organizing Committee for this historic year.

To retain the significance of this historic occasion, a limited number of the Commemorative Medallions will be produced.

The Medallion, 76 mm in diameter,
will be made from die-struck
cartridge brass and packaged in a
black velvet display case

The Logo of St John Canada was
created in 1983 to celebrate the
100th Anniversary when the very
first organized first aid courses were
given in Montreal and Kingston in
1883. The logo is the white Maltese
Cross inside a black roundel
surrounded by the Maple Leaf. The
maple leaf was recognized as an
official Canadian symbol in 1859.
1897-2022 represents 125 years of
St John activities in Alberta.

The Medallion depicts the Wild
Rose, which was adopted as the
official flower of Alberta in 1930.
The province’s schoolchildren
made the final choice, and the Wild
Rose has become synonymous
with Alberta since then. The Grant
of Arms and Flag of the Priory
of Canada was approved by the
Canadian Heraldic Authority on
September 16, 1999 which was the
900th anniversary of the Order of
St John worldwide. It depicts the
symbol of the Governor General
of Canada in the ensign position
(upper left). The Governor General
is the Prior of the St John Priory of
Canada. The flag itself is a white
cross on a red background with the
Maple Leaf in the centre.