Class Cancellations - Covid-19

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 situation please know that the safety and wellness of our students, staff, instructors and volunteers are our top priorities. As such, the decision is been made to suspend all Training Centre instructional activities, effective 5pm, Tuesday March 17, 2020. We will monitor this on a daily basis and are reaching out to our students with additional information. Social distancing is essential, and as our First Aid and CPR classes are group gatherings in close quarters, we want to ensure the safety of our instructors and clients. The most important way we can help increase public safety and wellness is by limiting our interactions through our classes. Students may transfer to another class in the future or to our blended online training at no cost. Please contact us at 1-780-482-7863 to speak with one of our customer service representatives.



In light of current events and the suspension of training caused by the spread of COVID-19, St. John Ambulance, Alberta Council, with authority from Alberta Labour – OHS, will be making concessions on training certification.

Become a Volunteer for St. John Ambulance

We are proud of the 600 plus front-line volunteers that are part of the St. John Ambulance community in Alberta. These volunteers put in more than 24,000 hours of their own time every year, and while they do it for the greater good, they also do it because of the sense of achievement it gives them.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with St. John Ambulance please click here.

Here at St. John Ambulance, we’re all about community – teaching life-saving skills to help the community, providing community support through our volunteer services, and creating a sense of community in the process.

When you become a volunteer for St. John Ambulance you will:

Become a volunteer for St. John Ambulance

Volunteering – keeping St. John Ambulance going
Our volunteers are the driving force behind our vital community services – the Therapy Dog program, Emergency Response and Medical First Responders. All St. John Ambulance product sales and training registrations support these community services, and without our volunteers, these services would not be possible.

The Numbers: Canadians have been volunteering with St. John Ambulance for over 130 years. There are more than 600 dedicated front-line St. John Ambulance volunteers across Alberta, providing over 24,000 community service hours every year. This includes 72 Therapy Dog Services volunteers and 409 Medical First Responders. In 2014, 706 public events were covered by St. John Ambulance Medical First Responders, resulting in over 404 patients being assisted by our volunteers.

It made me feel lucky to have the life I have and it also made me happy to see that I could make a difference with my skills

Dirk Chisholm

There’s lots of things I like about being a St John Ambulance MFR, especially the fact that I get to volunteer in spurts

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