Car Seat Program

Child Safety Seat Information Session FREE • TWO – THREE HOURS
At selected SJA Centres, this FREE Child Safety Seat Information session is intended to provide parents and caregivers information on how to correctly install a child safety seat and to transport children safely in a vehicle. It also provides an overview of the law in Alberta regarding occupant restraints and is taught by trained volunteers through the Community Services department of St John.

Edmonton Centre holds Child Safety Seat Information sessions every third Wednesday of the month from 7-9 pm. Please call

1-800-665-7114 to register.

Lethbridge Centre holds Child Safety Seat Information sessions every fourth Tuesday of the month from 7-9 pm except December) Please call

1-800-665-7114 to register.

Calgary Centre will hold Child Safety Seat Information sessions once a month. Please call to register

1-800-665-7114 to register.

Please contact us here for dates and times for other locations.

You may also be interested in:

Child Safety Seat Technician Training $130 • TWO DAYS
This course provides training to become a certified technician who can provide information and assistance to parents, caregivers, and others in the correct installation of child safety seats in vehicles and in child passenger safety. Topics include injury prevention and general occupant and vehicle restraint information, regulations, and specific restraint systems. Certification period: 3 years. Min. age: 16 years

Contact us for more information

Child Safety Seat Technician Training Recertification $55 • ONE HALF DAY
This half day class is designed to recertify Technicians whose certificate is due to expire or has expired within six months of the course date. It is intended for those technicians who have remained actively involved in child safety seat activities. Technicians will be provided with updates in information but are expected to have the base knowledge and skills.

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