First Aid Coverage for Your Event

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First Aid Coverage for Your Event

Well-trained and well-equipped, St. John Ambulance volunteers are at countless public events to give first aid care when emergencies occur. By being there, St. John volunteers are “first on the scene” in the critical minutes until medical assistance arrives.
Please ensure your request is sent in to us with as soon as possible to increase your likelihood of receiving our volunteer services. All effort will be made to ensure our volunteers are available for your community event; however, we operate on a first-come, first-serve policy based on volunteer availability.
Please visit us here to request first aid coverage for your event. A Community Service Coordinator or designate will follow-up on event details and complete other necessary documentation.
Please note:
St. John Ambulance requires advanced notice for events that require first aid coverage (allow 2-8 weeks for processing).
  • We operate on a first come first serve basis.
  • Submission of this form does NOT guarantee first aid coverage. A St. John Ambulance representative will contact you for further details, etc. about your event and your requirements.
Although no fee is charged for first aid coverage, we do welcome donations. Donations assist in the cost-recovery of first aid supplies, transportation, volunteer training requirements and the general operation of our volunteer divisions.

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Additional information

To sign up for an event click here
To request first aid coverage click here
To become a volunteer click here
To become a Therapy Dog Volunteer click here
To request Therapy Dog coverage click here

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