Resumption of in-class training - Covid-19

St. John Ambulance is pleased to announce our business resumption plan for in-class training. Starting on May 25, 2020, our Edmonton location will be piloting the in-class training in accordance with the policies and guidance from the Province of Alberta. On June 1, we will continue a phased-in approach across our other 6 locations.



In light of current events and the suspension of training caused by the spread of COVID-19, St. John Ambulance, Alberta Council, with authority from Alberta Labour – OHS, will be making concessions on training certification.

Instructor Development Courses

First Aid Instructors help save lives by teaching others valuable first aid knowkedge and skills. Through our Instructor course, instructors complete a comprehensive curriculum including instructional techniques and a specific content related orientation. Candidates are monitored in the classroom before being qualified to instruct unassisted.

Our commitment to quality in the teaching environment means our Instructors regularly participate in workshops and programs designed to maintain current skills and build new areas of expertise. All St John Ambulance Instructors have fulfilled national screening requirements.

Instructor Development Program $600 • 40 HOURS

The IDP Program prepares participants to become nationally qualified St. John Ambulance First Aid and CPR Instructors. This 40-hour course is comprised of three modules: 1) Instructor Development – includes the application of adult learning principles, presentation skills, training strategies, coaching skills, evaluation techniques, and demonstration skills; 2) Administration, Policies & Procedures; and 3) Curriculum Orientation. Min. age: 18 years

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates are required to team -teach and be monitored for certification as a St. John Ambulance Instructor and to qualify for instructor licensing by Alberta Council. The certificate is valid for three years.

Pre-requisites: St. John Ambulance’s Enhanced Standard First Aid certificate, completed within 6 months of course start date. Candidates are also required to provide evidence of a clear criminal record dated within 6 months of application date, prior to registration.

Call 1-800-665-7114 to register by phone

In the middle of my EMR course still, but it's easy to see how solid the instructor is and how good they are at directing a class. Looking forward to the remainder of the class!!

Matt Gourlay

I came across St Johns Ambulance at the Outdoor and Adventure Travel Show and was reminded that it's about time I get recertified!!! 6 years ago I took the training with St Johns and a lot has changed since then. Chris was an amazing instructor! Was very happy with the training 😀

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