Resumption of in-class training - Covid-19

St. John Ambulance is pleased to announce our business resumption plan for in-class training. Starting on May 25, 2020, our Edmonton location will be piloting the in-class training in accordance with the policies and guidance from the Province of Alberta. On June 1, we will continue a phased-in approach across our other 6 locations.



In light of current events and the suspension of training caused by the spread of COVID-19, St. John Ambulance, Alberta Council, with authority from Alberta Labour – OHS, will be making concessions on training certification.

November is CPR Month

Heart attacks can happen to any one, at any time, any place.

Heart attacks continue to be a leading cause of death among Canadians. They claim the lives of more than 16,000 Canadians every year according to StatsCan 2012 data.

Do you know what to do if you encounter someone suffering a heart attack?

Take these steps:

Begin Emergency Scene Management

. Take charge.
. Call out for help.
. Assess hazards and make the area safe.
. Assess responsiveness of casualty.
. Send or go for medical help and an AED.

Check breathing. If the casualty is not breathing, begin CPR:

CPR Steps

1. Make sure casualty is on a firm flat surface.
2. Place hands on centre of chest.
3. Position shoulders directly over hands and keep elbows locked.
4. Compress 30 times. Push hard – Push fast.
5. Use face shield as recommended.
6. Pinch nose and make a tight seal over the mouth.
7. Give 2 breaths.
8. Continue cycles of 30 compressions and 2 breaths until help arrives or an AED is available.


If you are untrained or unsure of your skills – don’t give up. Give compression only CPR – pushing hard and fast at least 100 times a minute.

This information is no substitute for thorough knowledge of First Aid or CPR!

St John Ambulance holds First Aid and CPR courses throughout Alberta. You can learn CPR in as little as half a day. Find a course in your city here.

Cardiovascular disease kills more Canadians than any other cause of death. Some of these deaths could be prevented if appropriate first aid were given.
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