Resumption of in-class training - Covid-19

St. John Ambulance is pleased to announce our business resumption plan for in-class training. Starting on May 25, 2020, our Edmonton location will be piloting the in-class training in accordance with the policies and guidance from the Province of Alberta. On June 1, we will continue a phased-in approach across our other 6 locations.



In light of current events and the suspension of training caused by the spread of COVID-19, St. John Ambulance, Alberta Council, with authority from Alberta Labour – OHS, will be making concessions on training certification.

St. John Ambulance Life Saving Award

Risking your life to save another is considered the ultimate act of selflessness. Those who perform such acts defy the instinct for self-preservation and exhibit an inspiring spirit of generosity. St. John believes that these actions deserve to be recognized.

The Order of St. John first instituted a Life Saving Award more than 127 years ago, in 1874. The St. John Life-saving Medal of the Order is awarded to those who, in a conspicuous act of gallantry, have endangered their lives saving or attempting to save a life. It is bestowed upon these courageous individuals by the Grand Prior, His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester. For more information on the Life-saving Medal of the Order, please contact the national office of St. John in Canada.

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St. John Ambulance Life saving Award Program in Canada

St. John Canada established the St. John Ambulance Life-saving Awards Program over 30 years ago to acknowledge individuals or groups of individuals who have administered first aid while saving or attempting to save a life. To recognize these individuals, St. John Ambulance grants two awards at the national level by the Chancellor and one at the provincial/territorial level by the Chair of the Council.

National Awards:

Gold – recognizes individuals, or groups of individuals, who have saved or attempted to save a life through the administration of first aid knowledge and skills, where a degree of risk to life exists.

Silver – recognizes individuals, or groups of individuals, who have saved or attempted to save a life through the application of first aid knowledge and skills, where no risk to life exists.
Provincial Award:

Certificate of Commendation — Individuals who helped a casualty to a lesser degree, with or without the application of first aid, are granted a Certificate of Commendation from the Provincial/Territorial Council Chair.

Nominees need not be members of, or trained by, St. John Ambulance to be considered for this award.

The application form for the St. John Life-saving Award must be completed within one year from the date of the incident and must clearly indicate that the administration of first aid was a factor in saving or attempting to save a life.

Please call 780-452-6565 ext 8241, 1-800-665-7114, option 8, ext 8241, or email for more information or nominate someone here.

St John Ambulance life saving awardSt. John Ambulance is an international humanitarian Organization and is a foundation of the Order of St. John. 88725 4035 RR0001
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