Update - Expired First Aid Training Certificates

Expired First Aid Training Certificates Effective September 15, 2020 St. John Ambulance Alberta will no longer honour a grace period for recertification of expired first aid certificates or extended completion period of the blended in-class assessments for certification. Six of our seven St. John Training Centres are now open in the Province. Our Fort McMurray location is currently providing classes in a temporary location due to flood damage to our Training Centre.


CPR during COVID-19

Read guidelines to performing CPR during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Resumption of in-class training - Covid-19

St. John Ambulance is pleased to announce our business resumption plan for in-class training. Starting on May 25, 2020, our Edmonton location will be piloting the in-class training in accordance with the policies and guidance from the Province of Alberta. On June 1, we will continue a phased-in approach across our other 6 locations.


Stuck at home? Train on-line.

St John Ambulance On-line Training

St John Ambulance offers on-line blended certification. This course allows students to complete their practical training at home and self directed with only one day in-class.

CPR during COVID-19

Should the need arise to perform CPR during the current COVID-19 pandemic on any individual, the guidelines below should be applied. Please keep in mind that each situation will be unique:

1. The first aider should always protect themselves. This means using the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves and a CPR mask with a one-way valve. We cannot stress the importance of PPE enough in every situation that involves CPR.

2. If the first aider does not feel comfortable breathing into the patient​, while using a mask, they are encouraged to perform hands-only CPR.

3. If you are a healthcare provider, follow your local jurisdiction protocols.

It is worth mentioning that COVID-19, while new, is not the only pathogen that a first aider may come across in a first aid situation. Caution should always be exercised when assisting a casualty due to any number of possible pathogens.  The use of PPE should be employed whenever possible while performing CPR in any situation.


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NEW! Standard First Aid Blended Online

The Standard First Aid Blended Certification program provides learners the option to reduce their in-class learning time from two days to one.
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Emergency, Standard, CPR and Advanced First Aid Courses

We provide nationally recognized training programs developed in accordance with Canadian and international guidelines.
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Pre-hospital and Healthcare Courses

We provide first aid and CPR training designed to prepare pre-hospital and health care professionals for the challenges ahead.
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Specialized Industry Courses

Targeted programs are available for aviation, marine, mining, forestry, oil and gas and law enforcement environments.
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About St. John Ambulance First Aid and CPR Courses

St. John Ambulance First Aid and CPR courses are Canada’s most comprehensive, state-of-the-art training programs for business, individuals and communities. Choosing a St. John Ambulance first aid and CPR course will give you life-saving skills and support communities across Alberta. Proceeds from our first aid courses and training support services for seniors, youth, the community and so much more.
St. John Ambulance is proud to deliver reliable and sustainable community services in accordance with our organization’s mission. These services are provided by trained volunteers who recognize and respond to community-based health and safety needs. Proceeds from our training programs support services for seniors, youth, and the community.
We have seven locations across Alberta to serve your needs as well as the ability to book private courses at your location for groups of 7 or more.


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